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The 2021  exhibition was dedicated to the humble, contented women who run around all day trying to fulfill the needs and requirements of daily activities and in support of those around them. 

The participants brought their own perspective on the subject of ‘WOMANHOOD” to the exhibition.

And it was a beautiful combination of work. We gave 172 tours with over 200 votes for ‘The CUSTOMER CHOICE AWARDS’

We had 7 Judges from various backgrounds and fields and interest  in the art and creative world. In order that they not influence each other, they did not meet until the final day of judging.

The judges were free to bring their own perspectives and skill set to the judging. The only criteria was that the judging was not to be based on credentials.

We gave scores for the judges first, second and third Choice.  After tallying all the scores this is the result:

3rd Prize

Siobhan McGuire’s encostic and natural wood  ‘Birthing the Land’

2nd Prize

Megan Smith with her body of work called ‘Leda’s Transformation’

1st Prize

Bridie Murray and her conceptual interpretation called  ‘Comfort’  

The Customer Choice awards went to:

1st: Megan Smith  – ‘Pensive’  as part of ‘Leda’s Transformation’

2nd: Lora Murphy – ‘Queen Tye and Her Enourage’

Thank you to all the participants because their artwork made this a great experience for our customers.