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Retro Blue Mid century carry on case

We found this lovely old suitcase and her family at the back of an old shed.

Wiping our hands over the dusty exteriors we found they all had well-preserved sturdy frames.

We sighed with them at the wrinkles left on the hinges by dampness.

We slowly opened them up and cried with them at the cancerous mold eating their quilted interior.

We listened to their stories of happy holidays and laughter as we unpacked their memorabilia.

We took them home with us and promised them a chance to recover.

But it was 3 years before we found the time to give them the operation they needed to bring them into the 21st Century.

It was important we respect their age and kept their body and framework as it was. There is a “battle scar” on the outer right-hand corner of this little lady that we felt added identifiable character. We stopped the fray but felt that cosmetic retouching would ruin its authenticity.

Only the cancerous insides were scrapped and given a complete makeover.

Sometimes all you need is someone to see who you are on the inside.

The mother and father are still in surgery but send their blessings as this lady is ready to fly from the nest.

Hope you love her and take care of her as much as she deserves.


1 in stock

1 in stock