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Johnson Brothers heritage Eternal Beau dinner plate

Older bone china can be very fragile requires hand washing, and will not stand up to daily use, but Eternal Beau was designed to be used.

Due to its popularity, Johnson Brothers produced lots of items in the Eternal Beau range including a full dinner service, a tea set, oven to tableware, kitchenalia, placemats, a clock, decorative items, cutlery, wine glasses, and lots more homewares. It was even possible to get matching Eternal Beau table linen to go with your dinner service.

For many young couples setting up a house in the 1980s and early 1990s Johnson Brothers Eternal Beau was their first set of china and was often given to them as a wedding gift. It was widely available in boxed sets in department stores and some supermarkets.  In Ireland especially these were used as Christmas crockery.

The Eternal Beau china features a bow and ribbon motif and is a great choice for a vintage wedding.

Unfortunately, Johnson Brothers made an economical decision to close their English factory with a loss of more than 1000 jobs in 2003 so that they could cheaply produce the product in China.  This cost them support from many older fans and the modern couple sought boring whiter tableware.  Eternal Beau was discontinued in 2013 and by 2015 Johnson Brothers ceased to exist.

Nowadays the angled lines and simple pattern of Eternal Beau is a perfect blend for traditional and modern tastes.  It is becoming wonderfully sought after.

We sell individual pieces from this highly collectible series for a reasonable price per item because we know you are looking to complete your heritage set without breaking the bank.


  • Also known as breakfast cups. Sold separately to the saucers


10 in stock

10 in stock