Wild Dye Workshop
Wild Dye Workshop
Wild Dye Workshop

Wild Dye Workshop

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                            Wednesdays  from 17th May 2023

  A 5-week workshop teaching you how to use natural ingredients to dye fabrics.

Explore the range and quality of colour available in our kitchens, gardens, and countryside.

                                         Tune into the plants and trees that yield the colour.

                                  Make a book of samples and textile hangings of your work.

The dye sessions take place in the kitchens and garden at the Daylight Studios.

The aim of the course is to explore this beautifully immersive, in sync with nature, vibration-raising activity.

The cost is  €150 for 5 weeks plus €15  for materials. (€ 165 in total)

 Numbers are limited. 

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Wild Dye Workshop