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Past and upcoming Workshops


Our last workshop was held on Sunday 6th September 2019. 

Ascending Through Chaos

(next workshop will be when covid restrictions allow it, so stay connected).

"This workshop was a gift of gratitude to the wonderful people of Westport and beyond, whether I have already met you, or not"

                                               About the workshop

“Ascending through Chaos” was a short compilation of some of the best and most practical concepts and techniques Inna had  discovered.

The workshop  elaborated on what being human really means and was a way of providing a space to find yourself through the chaos many of us were experiencing in the midst of our current circumstances.

The disscussion and the following practices aimed to encourage introspection and self-culturing. it helped increase one’s sense of empowerment and, consequently, improve one’s experience of life. 

The workshop was not about religion, politics, or finances. It was about human potential. 

A note from Inna:

Ever since when, at the age of 16, a friend told me that we are all able to heal ourselves from our problems, the inquiry into how life works, and the art of making the most of it, has been one of my greatest interests. The more I studied the subject, the more the people from all walks of life whom I met on my journey towards self-realisation, became interested in listening about the things I have learnt. While being many things, including a writer, raw food chef, musical performer, and a teacher of languages, music, performance, and a healthy lifestyle, and presently a student of Music and Italian in NUI Galway, this original line of inquiry has been forever ongoing. 

Hardly anybody can deny that our lives in general, and the current year in particular, are proving to be increasingly challenging these days. It can be easy to lose confidence while trying to comprehend all the scary developments flooding upon us through media channels, especially when we are already struggling to cope with the demands of our daily existence in the so-called ’new normal’ way of life.


A couple of years ago I saw a spectacular-looking woman hitching by the roadside in Castlebar. Of course I could not just drive by, and as we headed towards Westport, there began one of the most animated conversations I’ve ever participated in. Inna has such a passion for life and all it has to offer. Marry this with her hugely diverse experience of the ups and downs that our earthly path enriches us with, as well as her constant inquiry into all the elements of total well-being, and you have a woman whose company is a rare privilege, and a blessing to share.  

We got to Westport all too quickly and, realising that the conversation was far from over, we agreed to meet up again. Getting to know Inna has been such an adventure and, though it sounds a bit over the top, her influence and good counsel have literally changed my life. Avail of any opportunity you get to spend time with this generous, wise being.”  

James Ryan, marine scientist and an aspiring rock musician 




Sign up for her next workshop at the end of October  here.