Our showroom is under construction. Goods are available to collect or view by appointment only

About Us

 The Happy Cupboard is an eclectic bohemian  furniture store
that sells New and second-hand unique, upcycled. shabby chic and our own unique Hollyesque  style of furniture. clothing, accessories and original art.
    People are beginning to change their perspective and want to see less waste and more recycling and re purposing of goods.
We see potential in  unloved items, we clean it up, and where necessary repair or do creative work on these items. But we also find ethically sourced new products from around the world and especially in our home country of
South Africa.  
We have expanded to include home furnishings, books, antiques as well as
vintage and unique clothing.
By supporting us, customers are positively contributing to society because we can keep our showroom open and this helps make the little town of Newport an even greater place to visit. For it is in our showroom that we support local and international creative souls and host weird and wonderful products, workshops and ideas.
We have experience in poverty and know what it takes to climb out of that mire into a productive fulfilling and self-sustaining unit, and we are in the process of making links between underdeveloped,under privileged and impoverished communities in South Africa and yourselves.
We can on a small but significant scale bring some sort of security to families in these communities.
Your support also goes a  long way in conserving the environment through a sustainable circular economy. 
And if we are really successful then we have brought colour to everyone's  lives and shown them how to find their own style of happiness.