The Happy Cupboard is an eclectic bohemian  furniture place, currently with no fixed abode.
We are currently operating from our home with only a warehouse to store our beloved items in.  If planning is successful then we hope to return to our predecessors way of life here in Knappagh. We hope to continue this  Irish tradition of living and working from home by having a showroom and tearoom to showcase our eclectic range and allow you to visualise these items in your own homes. 
At the moment we have to sell our  New and second-hand , up cycled. shabby chic and our own unique Hollyesque  style of furniture. clothing, accessories and original art from our website.
We want to see less waste and participate in a circular economy.
We see potential in  unloved items, we clean it up, and where necessary repair or do creative work on these items. But we also find ethically sourced new products from around the world and especially in our home country of
South Africa.  
We have expanded to include home furnishings, books, antiques as well as
vintage and unique clothing.
By supporting us, customers are positively contributing to impoverished societies because .
Which is a Nguni philosophy of "Humanity" or "Humanity towards others" and the Xhosa term for "We all share a connection" the Zulu version is known as "umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu.
By sourcing new items from cottage industries we can on a small but significant scale bring some sort of security to families in impoverished neighborhoods.
And if we are really successful then we have brought colour to everyone's  lives and shown them how to find their own style of happiness.