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Leah's Workshop

Upcoming Workshop in Late February 2022 


Have you ever wanted to find a natural way to deal with your stress levels:
Ever wanted to speak to someone who gets it? 
Someone who will not judge you, or subject you to their opinion or solution.
Someone who will not give you a dose of medication.
Have you ever considered a treatment in aromatherapy psychology?
An inexpensive way to dig deep into your story and find what is really bugging you, especially when you are unable to find the trigger yourself.
Maybe a lengthy massage is what you are after?  
Whatever it is... We have teamed up with someone who will listen intently and give you a sensory solution to cope. 
A private session with Leah in our back office will put you in the right frame of mind to cope with the year 2022.
And surprisingly it is not going to cost you an arm and a leg.  
Fill out the contact page and put the Key Word : LEAH
and we will send you a  link to more information. 
You never know if you are the lucky winner of our FREE session.