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Head in the Hedgerow

Hugh Barr currently resides in Granlahan, Ballinlough.

He grew up in Belfast during the 70’s with an exceptional talent for Art. His enquiring mind sent him on an unusual travel plan around the world.

He gained an insight into cultural diversity through his travels from India to Europe to Greece, Turkey and many of the middle Eastern Countries long before war ravaged them.

For a short period, he lived in Greece where he painted fishing boats and seascapes for the local tourist shops.

Moving to England his life took on a serious nature, illustrating architectural features for Telford Development Corporates. But not without a few creative exhibitions depicting blues musicians.

When the pull to Ireland became strong he fed his creativity in a series of paintings and pastels of cottage life and local landscapes in and around Portaferry.

He honed is skills as a Graphic designer in Belfast and provided exhibitions space and promotions for local artists.

And then he found himself painting murals for nightclubs in Dublin.

At a time when he was getting ready to exhibit at the Guinness Hop Store an accident put a damper on his creativity, but only temporarily.

His design expertise was put to good use in designing trade and exhibition stands and show rooms.

Hugh Barr is a humble man who followed his rural instincts and love of nature when he bought a property that he could lovingly restore with his own bare hands.

He has not let rural Ireland dampen his multicultural philosophy and he lives happily with his life partner igniting flames of friendship between locals and blow ins from all corners of the globe.

This series depicts his observance and magnification of the fauna and flora along his daily walks. A series in oil pastels that have been his inspiration since 2012.

We invite you to join Hugh Barr with his ‘Head in the Hedgerow’.

The exhibition to be launched on the 15th August 2020, and will run till the end of September 2020.

Artist Statement:

The Road

There are footprints in the road. You can’t always see them, it has to have been raining and the sun needs to be drying the uneven surface. Then you can see them.

 It’s a single lane, tarmac road with grass growing in the centre. There are few places where cars can pass. This is not a problem as on a busy day five cars and a few tractors travel its length. I walk it with my dogs every day.

The works which I plan to exhibit are images of the plants and flowers which grow in the hedgerows:

It’s the small things that make the big picture.