Wild Dye Days




                                Wild Dye Days 
                     Facilitated by Gabrielle Bishop
The Wednesday workshops run for 5 weeks.
Next course available in May 2023.
Once a week for 2 hours a lesson
The course is an introduction to natural dyeing. It explores  the natural dye materials readily available to us in our kitchens, gardens and countryside.
It covers how to set up a natural dye kitchen, what fabrics to use and how to prepare them.
Each week focuses on a different dye material  and dye technique.
Special emphasis is on  exploring the  range and quality of  natural dye colours and  the plants, trees, lichens and seaweeds  that they  come from. The dye materials can be used in the printing process and as inspiration for drawings, paintings, patterns and designs.
Towards the end of the course we make a  book of natural dye samples and  textile hangings of  our  work- Spring colour, a record of time and place. 
The dye sessions take place in the kitchens  and garden at the Daylight Studios
The aim of the course is to explore this beautifully immersive, in sync with nature,   vibration raising activity.
The cost is  €150 for 5 weeks plus €15  for materials. (€ 165 in total)
 Numbers are limited  


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