Cushion covers

I know everyone is asking about our cushion covers and when we are going to add them to the cart.  

This company is run by myself and my daughter and we love what we do.  It is one thing to meet people face to face in a showroom setting.  That is where our true love lies.  

With times changing and all of you out there doing more and more on-line shopping, we are trying to figure out how to transfer our unique eclectic vibe to you sitting in your own homes looking for inspirational ideas. 

We are novices at this on-line business.  As soon as we are confident with how to add a product and how to get the shipping details correct. Then we can show you all our 34 varieties of cushion covers.  In the meantime pop into our showroom.

This is going to be an interesting journey, we are going to need your patience with our slow but steady pace.


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