It is great how all the details come together when putting these exhibitions together.  Every artist who enters the competition is giving a piece of their 'flame' to us, the viewer, so you can imagine how vulnerable they must feel.  Here at The Happy Cupboard we understand and respect the courage they have taken to enter this competition. 

We always work with the artists and creative minds to try to understand their submission and then we find the most appropriate part in our showroom to highlight their work.

We help new creatives to present their work in such a manner that gives them equal opportunity to the seasoned artist.  We encourage diversity and will submit anything that suits our theme, from poetry to song and dance right up to fine art and craft.  We love them all.

Then we invite them to a get together so they can bond over the united work that becomes 'I AM WOMAN' 

My favourite part of the exhibition is when the general public  enter our showroom.  Mostly they know nothing about art ,so we try to bring their attention to the artwork as well as the furniture.  They are invited to a tour of the exhibition in which I explain the pieces as best I can.It  never ceases to amaze me at what they have to say.   I love the moments when their eyes light up and they find a voice to air their perspectives.  

I hope that when they leave our showroom they feel enriched.  

That is my aim and where I get satisfaction for what I am doing.



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